Wednesday, 4 January 2017

My Favourite Beauty Products of 2016

As we enter 2017, I thought it was a great opportunity to look back over the products that i have loved and have now became my must haves. 

2016 is when this blog and Instagram page was born, i took a leap and wrote about what i love to share with you all and hopefully give some advice. So here are my top products of 2016 (in no particular order).  Also i have added the links of where you can purchase these products from. 

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

Too Faced is a brand that i have only started using this year and as usual i bought a fair few items to see me through the next ten years! I have always been fussy when it comes to mascaras i like my lashes looking full, thick and long. This mascara does all of those and doesn't need layers and layers to achieve the look. For a mascara it is a little pricey at £19 but there is more expensive ones out there. I will definitely be re purchasing this when it runs out. I even have minis that i chuck in my handbag.  This is £19 and can be purchased from Debenhams if you are in the UK if not stores such as Sephora and Too Faced sell them.

Tarte Rainforest Of The Sea Concealer

Tarte is another brand that i have recently discovered in 2016 and I'm so glad i did!

This is by far the best concealer i have ever used. It covers up any blemishes, dark circles and spots so easily and effortlessly. The applicator is also fab as it is nice and big and able to get under the eyes. I use this with the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea concealer brush which i think is amazing, it is double sided to blend and buff into small areas creating even better coverage. 

I also use it after my foundation as a highlighter to just add that bit more lift under my eyes and down the bridge of my nose. It is a lightweight formula which allows it to blend in and does not look or feel cakey. I have used it on friends who have now went out and purchased it themselves as they loved how it looked and felt on them. Also lets not forget the gorgeous packaging! As i live in the UK i purchased this through QVCUK which came with the concealer and the brush for £24.48.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Eye Shadows

These eyeshadows are so PIGMENTED and easy to apply. I was lucky to pick up a few colours from my recent trip to the USA and i can't wait to get my hands on more. 

The shades i got from L-R are; Sateen which is a champagne golden colour which i think is great for the inner corner of your eye as it really gives it that pop of highlight. Dusty Rose which is a matte shade which is a great build able colour then on the bottom row there is Sangria which is highly pigmented which has no fallout, this looks great all over the lid and the last shade is Truffle this is a very warm tone purple/brown very pigmented and great for the crease to smoke it out. 
Top - Bottom - Sateen, Dusty Rose, Sangria and Truffle. NO FILTER IN THESE PHOTOS

These eyeshadows are the most pigmented eyeshadows i have ever used. These shadows are easy to apply and blend really well and last all day! 

You do not need to put that much product on your brush which will make them last longer. I love creating my own eyeshadow palette as it allows me to choose my favourite colours and it is personalised to me. Lucky for us here in the UK they have now become available in the UK on the Anastasia Beverly Hills website at £10 each. I highly recommend these to everyone!

Benefit Porefessional 

This amazing product has been around for a long time and i can never be without it. This is a must have it makes my skin feel smooth and soft. I apply it on my T-Zone and let it settle for a few minutes before applying my foundation. If i don't use it my foundation on my nose seems to disapear which really irritates me but with this it seems to stay. If you guys know of any other good primers that you use and recommend please let me know in the comments below!  One tube lasts me around 3-4 months. You can go into any Benefit Counter and ask for a sample to see if works for you as i know everyones skin type is different what works for me may not work for you so always try and get a sample before purchasing.  It retails for £24.50 from Benefit.

Kylie LipKits

And finally how can we talk about products of 2016 and not mention the Kylie Lip kits. These have been the hardest and most stressful things to purchase ever! I have been extremely lucky to get my hands on a few and they are totally worth it! I don't have a favourite colour because i just choose the best suited for my makeup and outfit that day. I am mainly into nudes but if you follow me on Instagram you will see that i have also gone for really dark colours too. I find the formula not sticky and it does last all day and i do forget i have it on sometimes. Some colours can be quite drying which i have found more of the darker ones to be. As a tip i always use MAC prep and prime for lips on a few minutes before applying to hydrate my lips. The lipliners they come with are easy to use as they are soft and glide with no friction. I won't Swatch these as i know thats been done a million times. They are available from  These lip kits have taken 2016 by storm and i am excited to see what products are coming out in 2017. 

Hope you have enjoyed reading, thanks for all the love and support and i hope you have an amazing 2017!


Monday, 11 April 2016

Top 5 things to do before a trip to Disneyland Paris

If your planning a trip to Disneyland Paris you know that it isn't the cheapest of places to go. So to help make to most of this amazing experience, i have come up with some handy hints and tips to ensure you get to do the things you want and have an incredible time!

TOP TIP NUMBER 1 - Look up ride and attractions closures 

If you love rides and attractions and have a few favourites, check the Disneyland Paris website for up coming closures, they are usually posted a year in advanced of the refurbishment. At low season times a lot of ride closures happen to prepare for the high season ( when children are off school). This will allow you to avoid the disappointment of turning up and having the attractions you want to go on closed!

TOP TIP NUMBER 2 - Book your dining reservations in advanced

Dining at Disney is more than just sitting down for a meal, its an experience! To make sure you don't miss out on the place you want to eat ring and book well in advance, it also allows you to have a structure for your day. When i had breakfast at Cafe Mickey i knew i had to be up and out and start my day early, not that id sleep in for disney but i know i wouldn't be as prompted to get up if i didn't have a time i needed to be somewhere. Also pre booking character dining can ensure you are doing it and not missing out but as a bonus it save you loads of time by meeting the characters while you eat (killing two birds with one stone).  Allowing you extra time in the parks as you won't be waiting in line to meet Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and many more. If you would like to know more about character dining i have a separate page all about it. (Its that amazing it gets its own page!)

TOP TIP NUMBER 3 - Know the Fastpass system

Certain rides have a fastpass system which allows you to go in the quicker que at the time given. Not all rides have a fastness system but those that do you can get a fastness from the ticket machine outside the designated ride. Becareful some rides are worth getting more than others. This is because normal wait times for certain rides can be longer than others. For example; The Ratoutille Ride, this always has a very long wait time as it is the newest attraction within both parks (opened 2014). This ride is a must for a fastpass and everyone seems to think so too! The fastpasses for this ride run out within the first hour of park opening, so make sure to get there early to avoid missing out and waiting in the long Que. Normally with each fastpass you have to wait to use that fastpass before you get another one, if the time for your fastpass is in late afternoon and you went to get the fastpass in the morning DONT WORRY, you will be giving a time which you can go and get another fastpass, so you don't need to wait all day to use that one before you get another!!

Extra little tip : Just before Dreams, Buzzlightyear star command is basically a walk on, me and my partner did it 3 times within half an hour!! Yet the day before we qued for an hour!

TOP TIP NUMBER 4 - Have an open mind to stay offsite 

Staying onsite is perfect as your right in the heart of Disney, but for the bank balance its not so perfect! I stayed offsite last year and saved 100's which allowed me to go twice once in spring and the other at halloween. I stayed at the Park and Suites Prestige which was a 5 minute bus journey away. I got picked up at the hotel door as the hotel shuttle bus ran every 15 mins and got dropped off right at the gates off Disney, so transport was not an issue. Although the hotel wasn't a disney hotel i don't spend much time in it anyway I'm always out in the morning and back late at night. I do highly recommend this hotel the room was lovely, big, clean and was perfect for my stay, and from my balcony I could see the castle and space mountain which was a bonus! The hotel staff were lovely and friendly. I booked it through The money I saved on hotels I was able to spend on souvenirs and photos.

TOP TIP NUMBER 5 - Look at the up to date map 
Knowing whats happening who you are there helps you to plan your day, this includes character meet and greets and parades. No-one wants to miss out on meeting their favourite character! These will be on the disneyland paris website.

Hope these tips help you have a magical holiday